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Since 1990, New England Communications has provided specialized telephony and communication products and services for small, mid size and large businesses.

With our innovative use of technology, we can engineer, install, and service all of your voice, data, and video needs. From structured cabling through IP networking, our professionals can make the difference your business deserves.



Please see the map below for directions or call us at (207) 878-7585:

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If your request for service is an emergency, please call 878-7585 and follow the prompts for the emergency mailbox.

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"After reviewing multiple providers and IP telephony phone systems, we selected NEC and an Avaya system. Although we had experienced very good service and reliability from NEC and the systems they represent in the past, this decision was particularly challenging as we had a significant technology relationship with another provider who was recommending a Cisco system. After a thorough review/interview/analysis process, NEC and Avaya came out on top in our quantitative and qualitative assessment process. What we could not guarantee is their commitment to support our employees and firm during the installation/training process. It was top-notch. We could not be happier. Everything we needed NEC provided, including rearranging their schedules to provide added training/support to our receptionist team who was understandably concerned about the change and added complexity of IP telephony. Our experience with NEC has affirmed our selection decision. Thank you, Thank you." Wendy A. Laidlaw, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, R.M. Davis, Inc.

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