Co-nexus' team of software designers and engineers developed the market leading call center tool CXM (Customer Experience Management). This scalable call recording software solution empowers contact centers and maximizes the experience clients receive through diverse functionality.

With CXM, you are able to better communicate with clients and automatically capture vital agent-customer interactions. Providing dynamic multimedia logging and reporting capabilities, Co-nexus' truly comprehensive software suite sets the standard for effective client contact by providing critical customer interaction data including call and related PC activity, live monitoring tools, components for performance evaluation, training and coaching capabilities and customer satisfaction surveys.

CXM recording solutions offer a wide range of configurations to accommodate the automatic recording of VoIP devices, digital phones, analog phones, and radios. CXM supports full time recording and/or sampling recording all within the same application. Through the easy to use web browser interface your CXM administrator can quickly adjust recording parameters for any agent. Further, our recording technology is fully scalable so you will never outgrow your CXM system or suffer the expense of a forklift upgrade. CXM has the unique ability to combine recording methods within a single CXM system to allow you to select the most cost effective strategy to accomplish your organizations specific recording needs.

Locating a specific recording using the CXM Advanced Search engine minimizes the amount of time supervisors expend looking for the proverbial "needle in a haystack." Recorded interactions are intelligently indexed and searchable by a wide range of data including the date, time, agent, caller id and caller data. Additionally, business rules data concerning the interaction can be attached to the recording as a searchable field.

Each retrieved recorded interaction incorporates the CXM one click navigation so users can quickly access the most common CXM features. A single mouse click instruction is presented for listening to the recorded call, viewing the recorded screen activity, grading the interaction, emailing the call, saving the call, adding the call to a bucket for later action or reviewing the associated satisfaction survey. No other recording interface can match the CXM one click functionality!

Call compression
Scaleable to an unlimited # of ports
Web browser interface
Unlimited user access
WAV file
SQL server database
Call Buckets
Auto Archive
Administrator Console
Audit Log
Dynamic recording rules
Phone based record on demand
Cradle to grave recording
Flexible security settings
Support for call logging and/or quality monitoring
Networkable with centralized administration and storage
One Click technology to listen
Save and email
Live Monitor Dashboard
Windows OS

Instant Playback
Simultaneous Playback
Client Based Record a Call
Attach Optional Data to Recorded Call as Searchable Field
Screen Recording
Training Video Creator
Advanced Selective Archive
ConForm for PCI Compliance
Application Programmers Interface


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