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Amazon Web Services Securtiy

Enhanced cloud security from the market leader.

Barracuda Networks is the only security provider with two AWS Security Competencies—tested and proven to enhance customers AWS security. Barracuda leverages built-in AWS cloud features, is certified on GovCloud, part of AWS’ ATO initiative, and offers licensing to match your cloud deployment.

Secure your journey to the cloud.

As you migrate your workloads to AWS, it's crucial that you ensure the security of those workloads as part of the AWS shared security responsibility model.

Automate security deployments.

Barracuda APIs let you integrate security directly into your packaged applications with support for orchestration tools like Puppet.

Build fast. Stay secure.

Barracuda tracks and remediates security best practices—builders needn’t worry about security compliance, and IT needn’t spend needless time remediating those violations.



Microsoft Azure Security

Protect Your Workloads Migrated to the Cloud

Migrating workloads from local VMs to Azure gives you the security and scalability of the Microsoft cloud, but you are still responsible for protecting your applications and data from cyber-attacks.

Secure Remote Access to Azure

Azure provides a finite number of remote connections to network-facing applications. Barracuda adds virtually unlimited capability to remotely connect users to these applications with granular control by user and application.

Manage Hybrid Cloud /
On-Premises Environments

Barracuda lets you manage your cloud and on-premises environments from a single interface. There is no need to juggle security products from multiple vendors or settle for reduced feature sets for cloud versions of on-premises firewalls.

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Integrated Solutions

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We are pleased to offer the most complete all in one cloud solution for your business communications with Intermedia Unite.

This cloud solution offers unified communications, collaboration, data back-up and restore, video conferencing and multi-channel contact center with skills-based routing, call-back queuing, and a full suite of reporting tools. Fully native to the cloud offer, these applications do not rely on any third party developers. 







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