Fiber Optics


Your network’s future is as fast as fiber—and as close as CommScope.


Faster deployments simply mean faster time to market. That’s why every CommScope fiber solution is built to decrease the time it takes to bring your fiber infrastructure online and start generating revenue—reducing deployment time by up to 50 percent.


We also build in the agility to scale, change and add technologies so you’ll never have to worry about long deployment cycles in the future, either. Modular design ensures you will always have the connections you need, when you need them, in all our most important fiber solutions.





Simplicity is more than just beautiful. It’s smart, too.


Building out fiber infrastructure doesn’t have to mean layering on more complexity. Done right, it can deliver the ultimate in simplicity—simplicity in management, planning and execution across the network. CommScope’s fiber solutions integrate with powerful intelligence that monitors every connection, watches every watt and packet, and reveals efficiency opportunities that would otherwise be invisible.


The simpler fiber network is one that anticipates, automates and reacts to changing conditions and demand—and it’s available within CommScope’s comprehensive portfolio of fiber solutions.


Fiber is an investment. Make it pay dividends sooner.

The right fiber strategy can have a positive effect on both CapEx and OpEx, and sooner than you might expect. CommScope’s fiber solutions are built to reduce installation time and complexity, reducing deployment costs, while their intelligent management systems help you reduce energy use, free up wasted rack space and provision your resources better. And of course, better asset utilization helps defer more CapEx down the line—all while enjoying incredible performance and reliability.

Grow capacity as you need it and gain the visibility you need to allocate your resources to optimal benefit. It’s all possible with CommScope’s money-saving portfolio of fiber solutions.


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