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More and more "Cloud Based" solutions are popping up all of the time.  Telephone systems, video conferncing, data processing and storage and wireless access are all being offered in the cloud.  Complete Unified Communication systems with mobility applications and contact center reside in the cloud.  

So, what is the cloud?  It's pretty simple really.  The cloud refers to applications that you can use in your business but are "hosted" somewhere else.  Typically these applications are hosted in a data center.  These data centers have "back-up" data centers designed to keep your business applications running smoothly in the event of a catastrophic failure in the primary data center.

Cloud based solutions have some advantages and disadvantages when compared to premise based solutions, where you, the customer own he equipment.  Some of the advantages incude no cost for system upgrades or ongoing maintenance charges.  Some of the disadvantes include no local survivability if your data connection to the cloud should fail (there are some survivable options that can be implemented for a cost), adding features may incur costs and limited options should you decide you don't like your service provider.  

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New England Communications proudly celebrates our 30th year supporting customers in Maine and New Hampshire.


We continue providing top notch customer service and communication solutions for enterprise, mid-market and small businesses throughout the marketplace.

Our business growth continues to be in the networking side of our business with emphasis on WiFi solutions, Cyber Security and Managed Services.

We also plan more “Cloud” initiatives this year with RingCentral and Avaya Cloud Office.   We look forward to working with many of you on your Unified Communications, Collaboration and Mobility solutions.





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