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Mitel MiVoice 250

Mitel provides solutions to the small and mid-sized business space with features and applications that you might expect are only available for large businesses.  

The MiVoice 250, formally known as the 5000, is a hybrid system that supports IP, Digital and analog telephone extensions.  The MiVoice 250 supports up to, you guessed it, 250 users.   If you need more than 250 users or have multiple locations, many MiVoice 250's can be networked together.

There are many software applications written by Mitel and by 3rd party developers for the MiVoice 250.  There also a wide range of phones from simple cost effective entry level phones to large screen displays with many feature keys.  This solution also supports both dect wireless phones and 802.11 wifi phones.



The MiVoice 250 offers advanced call routing, auto call routing by time of day and dynamic extensions.


Watch the video above for more information on the MiVoice 250 solution.

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