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What's not to Love?

Jun 19, 2019


NEC is number 1 in Ruckus Wireless Network deployments



Simply stated, NEC is Ruckus Network’s No. 1 enterprise solutions provider throughout New England. 

With over 29 years of experience delivery wired and wireless communications networks spanning multiple industries to meet the needs of E-Rate – K-12 School systems, monolithic Healthcare provider telemedicine requirements, to global multi-site retailers supporting real-time POS transactions via web and mobile devices; NEC delivers secure Voice, Video, and Data communications excellence through partners like Ruckus..


Looking for a solid Wifi solution with excellent performance and something unique? Most wifi access points on the market are omni-directional.  That means the signal transmits equally in all directions.  Ruckus wifi access points use "Beam Shaping" to determine what direction the access point transmits it's signal.  

What Our Clients Say

I’d like to take a moment to let you know how impressed I was with both Matt and Tyler during our recent network upgrade.  I worked closely with Matt for several days.  He is knowledgeable, professional, and fun to work with.  I worked with Tyler yesterday and he too was very knowledgeable and professional, and he took the time to explain things well.

Other staff members also commented on what a joy they were to work with.  Matt and Tyler were especially patient with me.  As the IT Manager I specialize more in administration and cohesion of our systems.  Wiring is not my specialty, so I had several questions.

In general, it was just very reassuring to work with a great team of professionals and we thank them, and anyone else at NE Communications that helped along the way.  I hope we won’t ever need troubleshooting assistance but if we do, I’m confident that NE Communications will be there and ready to help.  I would highly recommend your company to anyone who asks.

Ron Caron
IT Manager Caron Engineering, Inc.

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