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Looking for a solid Wifi solution with excellent performance and something unique? Most wifi access points on the market are omni-directional.  That means the signal transmits equally in all directions.  Ruckus wifi access points use "Beam Shaping" to determine what direction the access point transmits it's signal.  

Other providers will claim they can do this as well and have incorporated some of these characteristics as an "after-thought".  Their wifi solution incorporates "Beam Forming" which simulates the Ruckus wifi solution architecture but falls short of Beam Shaping.  

Ruckus access points were designed specifically to provide bandwidth to each individual user when it is needed. The Ruckus wifi solution does not just broadcast the signal in an omni direction fashion.   This wifi solution actually looks at each and every device that requires bandwidth and sends a beam out to each device at the appropriate time.   





Ruckus Wifi solutions are architected for large enterprise solutions utilizing controllers and access points.  The controllers can reside on the customer's premise or in the cloud.  

For smaller applications, the Ruckus wifi solution can be deployed as "unleashed".  In this design the first access point acts as the Master and the second acess point acts as the back up Master.  Additional access points can be deployed without having to invest in a controller and associated software.




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