Maintenance Services


The technology solutions deployed in today's businesses are critical to the success of every organization. To avoid unacceptable downtime, businesses need a support partner who can identify a problem when it first occurs and respond quickly whether doing so remotely or on-site. New England Communications has over 20 technicians available throughout Maine and New Hampshire to respond to customers' communication system maintenance issues. They are equipped with the tools to be able to respond whether during the business day from the office or in the middle of the night from home.

Our Remote Monitoring capabilities allow us to know if there is a problem with your system before it impacts your business. Systems call into our geographically diverse, redundant alarm servers to report that there is a problem, the location, and the nature of the problem. Our inventory of replacement hardware is located in Portland Maine and accessible by our associates 24 hours a day.

NEC offers standard Maintenance Contracts with either business day or 7x24 coverage. We can customize these agreements to best suit your coverage needs and your budget.


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As a certified dealer of the manufacturer's we support, we have access to their engineering and development teams as well to assure full coverage of your support needs.

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Integrated Solutions

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We are pleased to offer the most complete all in one cloud solution for your business communications with Intermedia Unite.

This cloud solution offers unified communications, collaboration, data back-up and restore, video conferencing and multi-channel contact center with skills-based routing, call-back queuing, and a full suite of reporting tools. Fully native to the cloud offer, these applications do not rely on any third party developers. 







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