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There is some confusion in the community that voice over IP is all about making calls over the internet and saving money.  It's true that voice over IP lines, or SIP trunks, can be used to make calls and can in some cases save money.  But voice over IP is more than that.  IP stands for Internet Protocol. Your data network within your business uses IP.  With voice over IP, you can now put your voice and your data traffic on the network within your business. This means you need only have one cable running to your office.  The telephone plugs into the data jack and the computer plugs into a switch port in the telephone.  You now have voice over IP.  

So, what's the advantage to this?  One, which we just mentioned is that you only need one cable for a telephone and computer.  This can save money in expansions and in new locations.  Copper prices have risen, so why pull more than you need?  Another advantage is that an IP telephone has some similar characteristics of a computer.  You can unplug an IP telephone from the wall and carry it to another office or conference room in your building and plug it into another jack. The telephone will register onto the network much like your pc does when you move from one spot to another.  Your extension and your features will all be retained.  No call to your vendor was needed to help you move your telephone.

Now, back to those SIP trunks.  SIP trunks are basically telephone lines that can make calls over a dedicated or shared internet connection.  SIP trunks offer some nice features.  One is DID.  DID, direct inward dialing, allows you to have a telephone number that rings directly to your desk.  No receptionist or automated attendant is needed to make sure you get your calls.  Some or all of your employees can have DID's.  And you don't need a telephone line for each DID.  It's all done with software.  

SIP endpoints are another advantage that voice over IP offers.  Smart phones and tablets can run SIP clients offered throught the "app store".  This software converts your device into a telephone on the IP telephone system.  It has an extension just like a regular telephone and can make and take calls.  The device is making and taking these calls over your wireless network within your business.  They can also work as your extension while you are on the road.  Your device can connect to the IP telephone system while you are out of the office.  Calls that you are on are passed over the data network.  No cell phone minutes are used.  There are other advantages to voice over IP.  Reach out to us, we'd love to share some more ideas with you.


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