Xima Call Recording

XIMA Call Recording

Record and organize every call.

Easily sort and find your recorded calls through Recording Library.



Cradle to Grave Access

Recording Library makes recordings available through Cradle to Grave. This allows you to easily find your recording files and access specific
information you want from the recordings.

Compressed Recordings

Recording Library compresses all your recordings to save space on your hard drive and gives you the ability to encrypt your recordings for

security and compliance purposes.


Customize and Notate Recordings

Cradle to Grave provides you with the option to filter by recorded calls, email and download files, generate an external listen link,

add and view notes, create recording snippets to send, and change the playback speed of the recordings.


Track Success with Scorecards

Recording Library also provides quality management through scorecards, which are a great way to evaluate the performance of users or

groups based on the recording. You have three question options when developing your scorecards: yes or no, 1–10 ratings, and free form questions.


Recording Monitor

You can also see who’s being recorded, which ports are in use, and whether or not you’re out of ports with Recording Library’s feature,
Recording Monitor. This feature is supported on VRTX, Mitel’s Route Point, and Cisco’s Built-In Bridge.


Integrated Solutions

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